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Helping people find the right job.

How we work differently

We understand that different agencies have different cultures. Some differences are subtle, but they’re crucial.

That’s why when people ask us to define our role, we say “we help people find the right job”. We don’t say recruitment. It conjures up images of people being pushed into jobs that are wrong for them, clients receiving hundreds of CVs and consultants working for commission. We hate all that.

We passionately believe in providing balanced advice, broad options and a comprehensive insight into your company and our candidates capabilities.

What makes you tick?

If you’re a candidate, we’ll do our best to ensure you get the right advice and introduce you to the right people.

We start by finding out what makes you tick, where you want to go in life and what ambitions you have. We’re happy to invest time in exploring your career options and you will only be put forward for roles that we both agree are right for you.

The best people are understandably in demand. And they’re selective. We appreciate the importance of every job change, and everything we do is about getting the right results for you.

Are you looking for someone special?

If you’re a client, first we do our best to get to know you and your business – your MD,CD, FD, the accounts your agency handles and the philosophy that drives your company.

Our aim is always to give you a spot-on short list of candidates on any brief because we respect your time. That’s why you'll never receive more than 3 CVs for any one position.

We have developed a reputation for pairing the right people with the right agencies. We’re proud to say that 95% of the candidates we put forward are offered the job we’ve recommended them for.

What others say about us

Tom Firth, Managing Director, M&C Saatchi

Along Came Mary are a true delight to work with. They have stellar relationships and connections within the industry which help them find the brightest and the best for our briefs, which go beyond the obvious. And they’re a charming bunch too.

Claire Young, Head of Creative Production, VCCP

Luisa is always our first point of contact whenever we have a production role available at mother. She understands the diversity of the agency and our roles, and very importantly she understands our culture. She cares both about the agencies and the candidates she represents, and because of that I feel she always manages to get it right. Thanks Luisa!

Jon Clarke, Head of Ouput, Mr President

Output at Anomaly is a hugely diverse role so we look for candidates from different and interesting backgrounds who can add value in everything we do in a multi dimensional sense. Luisa understands our culture and ways of working perfectly well, and through her experience and ability to see things in candidates others don’t, consistently delivers full and freelance support that allows us to continue to work in the ways our clients demand.

Vikki Kottler, CSD at Wieden+Kennedy

I have worked with ACM for many years. They completely understands the types of people I look for and what we need at Wieden+Kennedy. With ACM there is no messing around. They don’t bombard you with CVs. They carefully select candidates that are right for us and for the specific roles we have. Luisa is fun to work with. The process is always simple and smooth.

Felicite Phillips, Head of Delivery at Sunshine

Sunshine is fast-paced and has grown rapidly in the last year, taking on numerous and diverse client projects - often at the last minute. Friendly and super easy to work with, ACM really understands our needs and always delivers a high level of candidate for both short-term and long-term briefs. I’m constantly testing them with finding very broad production skilled candidates, which they’re always quick to respond to: they provide a carefully selected short list with great background info, which I love.

Shaun Musgrove, Head of Delivery at Grey London

I’ve been working with Luisa and Along Came Mary for the past eight years at JWT, Burberry, Mother and Grey London. ACM always understand the skill set required from the brief and have a deep understanding of the agency, the culture and the candidates presented are the right fit. The service and professionalism from ACM is always reliable and Luisa is a pleasure to work with.

Hayley Inglis, Operations Director, Trailer Park

Luisa has an exceptional understanding of the individual nuances, culture and ways of working of each advertising agency. She knows what seems like everyone in the industry AND what’s going on within every agency in the present. She takes the time to understand you as a candidate and is not interested in simply getting you your next job; Luisa will make sure to take note of your career ambitions and will only put you forward for positions that might help you get there. If you work with her once, Luisa will forever more be your first call when looking for a new role/challenge.

Jules Cheetham, Operations Director, M&C Saatchi

I have had the pleasure of dealing with Luisa both as a candidate and a client, I can honestly say that in both capacities I have experienced a composite professional. Luisa has an outstanding knack at perfect casting, making sure that both candidate and client are paired perfectly!